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Registration Details:

LIFTPROJEKT Spółka z o.o.
ul. Pawia 51 / 72
01-030 Warszawa, Poland
VAT Reg. No: PL 759-173-99-98
KRS: 0000416687

Main Office, correspondence address and production :

Kalinowo 86
07-304 Ostrów Mazowiecka, Poland

Working hours:
Monday – Friday: 8.00 – 16.00

Contact data:
tel. +48 690 800 801
tel. +48 29 644 60 41

All National Holidays the Office is closed

Sales department

Wojciech BańkowskiTechnical Director
mob. +48 664 600 400

Tomasz CzajkowskiNorth Poland Department Director
mob. +48 664 600 700

Construction department

Paweł RafalikOwner, Constructor
mob. +48 664 600 200

Service department

Michał Zając
mob. +48 784 800 500

Radosław Więcław
mob. +48 664 600 500

Tomasz Kurant
mob. +48 696 300 100

Production department

Zbigniew Wróbel – Production Manager
mob. +48 697 300 900

Accounting department

Aneta Grabowska

Olga Szczepanik

mob. +48 788 800 300

tel. +48 29 644 60 41

Documentation department

Joanna Kuczyńska – Documentation Specialist
mob. +48 697 300 800

LIFTPROJEKT South Poland Department
ul. Krakowska 293
25-801 Kielce

Sales department

Rafał KorbanSouth Poland Department Director
mob. +48 788 800 100

Artur Skibiński
mob. +48 788 800 200


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