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Lift shaft


  • stainless steel,
  • any RAL colour,
  • panoramic shafts,
  • full wall shafts,
  • any finish with Customer confirmation.

Lift shaft in steel construction fitted on site.

Very often happened we have to fit shaft from underground. Way to get there is only narrow stairs or narrow hall. This solution enable to transfer parts of shaft to any place of building.

Pluses of that assemblage:

  • quick
  • silent
  • safe for other users of building when assembly process during open hours

Wall shaft filling:

  • safety glass
  • steel panels
  • steel panels with thermo filling

Lift shaft in steel construction – welded

Parts of the structure steel connected by welding on the spot installation or design supplied in its entirety to the space for mounting.  Technology of dedicated to external installation or for large open space inside the building.

Wall shaft filling:

  • safety glass, thermo
  • steel panels with thermo filling