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Platforms model T100 and S300 – stairlift platform with straight rail.

Unit designed special for disabled people. It can be use in public buildings, private houses and everywhere where we have to prepare place for disabled people.
Battery drive fitted on the platform. Battery charging on stops. Steering with remote controllers on stops or on platform.

Platforms can be use in and outside of the building. Rail guide can be fit to the wall or on special posts.

Wide range of optional compartment and platform dimensions to allow to chose unit special for own use.

Stair lifts platforms model T100 and S300 compliance with Machinery Directive 2006/42/WE.

Standard technical data:

Lifting capacity:
225 kg or 300 kg

Incline angle:
15° to 45°

Standard platform size:
800 x 1000 [mm]

RAL 8022 and RAL 9002Every other RAL color is available as special color

Type of drive:
Drive shaft with drive wheel

24V DC/0.55kw

Travel speed:
approx. 0,08 m/s

Special feature:
The guide rail does not require any lubrication.
Since the guide rail is not designed for a specific job, the system may be reused in most cases after it has been disassembled.