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Motala 2000 vertical platform in shaft with travel height up to 15m, maximum 6 stops.

Unit designed special for disabled people. It can be use in public buildings, private houses and everywhere where we have to prepare place for disabled people.
Chain drive fitted on shaft corners. Shaft covered by steel panels with mineral wool filling. Also shaft can cover with safety glass panels in aluminium frames. Motala 2000 can be glazed on four walls without optical collision of drive.

Motala 2000 is very universal unit. No pit essential. Construction solution allow to use low ramp or just 60mm hollow.

Wide range of optional compartment to allow to compose unit special for own use.

Motala 2000 compliance with Machinery Directive 2006/42/WE.


Technical data:

  • Exterior shaft dimensions:

Width: *1250mm

Depth: *1560mm

  • Footprint dimensions:

Width: *1120mm

Depth: *1480mm

  • Pit 60mm or ramp
  • Door dimensions:

Height: 2000mm (**1200)

Width: 900mm

  • Travel height: 15m
  • Travel speed: 0,15m/s
  • Power supply: 230V


*standard dimensions. Any other dimension possible – please contact.

**half height door